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Tom Brown’s School Days?



‘Retail chairmen overwhelmingly back the Coalition Government and have expressed fears of a swing to the left at the general election.’

Morrisons chairman Andy Higginson was concerned a more left-wing government pumping more money into public services would be damaging.

One chairman speaking under the condition of anonymity said: “A Labour/SNP coalition could spook the financial markets.’

‘Asos chairman Brian McBride, who said: “Don’t mess with the economy.  If it’s not broke don’t fix it – steady as we go.”’


Oh the irony, that businessmen who were averse to a Brown Coalition Government should now be fearing the worst after Brexit and a Cameron led one! Yet still the myth prevails that we would be worse off under a Left- Wing Labour government than a Conservative one.

How much worse off? We have a decrease in police budgets and the numbers of police officers able to police.

A drop in the budgets allocated to social services and youth services, a drop in the amount of housing benefit allocated to vulnerable families, a drop in the construction and provision of social housing, and all under this current government.

An increase in pauper funerals, an increase in welfare benefit influenced suicides, a drop in youth centre and youth events provision, a decrease in the number of funded libraries, how much worse off is it possible for this country to get?


In Harrow alone the construction, purchase and allocation of social housing only started taking place again once the Conservative Councillors’s were in the minority on the council and Labour Councillors were in the majority.

Add to that the numbers of jobs destined to go under Brexit and we are looking at a parlous state of affairs. All these calamities have been achieved under a right-wing government, how much more have we as a nation to undergo before we give politicians with integrity a chance?


As for the Parliamentary Labour Party? Their stance on Jeremy Corbyn is not helping, to have engineered a vote of no confidence without consulting one’s constituency members? To call the party leader into a no confidence voting meeting in order to castigate and bully him into resigning? Then to set about smothering the electoral voice of all the impoverished, disenfranchised, struggling people who have elected to support his leadership and then saddle them with the bill for legal costs? All of this intriguing might seem clever to the holders of £60,000 a year, but it’s not raising any laughter amongst the 130,00 people they have so coldly disenfranchised.


Could one describe the Parliamentary Labour Party as cold and calculating? How about simply very corporate in dealing with the ‘Jeremy Corbyn problem’. If you can’t jettison the man asap via gross misconduct, why not try constructive dismissal (we won’t work for you therefore you’re leadership isn’t viable). If that won’t work because although middle management is repulsed by him the workers still like him why not bully the workers into silence using all means to hand and any methods viable.

It’s a pity and a shame because those disenfranchised folks supporting Corbyn are as determined as the PLP are to have their say. So much for social justice,what a terrible, terrible, way to poison and destroy a political party.



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